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Finding Time

Writing seems to come in spurts, for me my life becomes so busy writing seem so far away.  The computer sits and waits for me to come back to add to the story.  My mind goes through chapters and additions as I work my many jobs.  I would love to sell enough to stay home but for me that is not the case so my computer has to wait for me to return.  Hatt Boy has new and exciting things coming.  He is going to meet a new boy in the school that is going to change his life.  He is going to introduce him to a new way of galloping around and seeing the world.

I am reading more than ever but wish I had a i pad so I could take my books with me so I could read when ever and what ever takes my eye, but for me that is not the case for now.  But soon I will get one and then I can write on my stories where ever I am and read whenever I want.  I have been carrying around my book and I fold the top pages down where I stop and a little old lady at my shot place said, “You should never bend or fold the pages, it is so disrespectful to the book.”  She got up and walked away and I said to my book, “sorry”!   Silly how people can make you feel so weird, but I folded down the page and went on.  Maybe that will be the thing I am remembered for but I would love to be remembered for my writings.  I am still working on the goal I set forth 20 some years ago.  One thing can be said about me, I am not one for giving up and a dream.  May your day be full of joy and lots of hugs and kisses from whom you love and most of all to be able to forgive someone and change there life for the better. xoxoox



Moving along.

I have sat here pondering how far I will go in life.  I am learning the art of not listening to gossip and people who have to belittle to feel big.  It has always made me feel small to talk about someone without passion.  My stories deal with feelings and how they make you feel and the way you should deal with situations openly instead of angrily. Its is so easy to become negative and angry.  I always try to look at why, what transpired.

For instance, I was in the store the other day and the clerk was checking me through and I decided not to get something because the price was wrong. She huffled and puffled and grabbed the hummus and rescaned it and put it off to the side. I was all of a sudden taking it personally like I had made her mad. I said, “Wow today has been quite a day.  How is your day going?”  She looked up at me with a stern look and said, “I don;t have a problem.”  I said, quickly without thinking, “I do and I feel I am making your job hard by not taking the hummus so maybe I should get it anyway so you can smile.”  Then I knew my mouth opened and ooopse my shoe was coming un strung as I stood there, it was pulling off my foot rising up to my mouth and then she said, “Oh, it has been a hard day.  This guy came and yelled at me for his bad lettuce. Way out of control over lettuce.”  I looked at her and said, “Did you tell him, if you hold on a moment I will run out into the parking lot and pick you another one?”  She laughed and snorted and made me laugh and snort and the lady behind me let out a big puff as if we were taking to long.  That was even more precious, I said, “We better hurry up, we will both get trouble this time.”   I love it when I can break a mode and make someone smile, because smiling is a gift we all could use, I try to smile and laugh at least 50 times a day.  NOt like I count of course the 11 times I laughed writing this. But I try to put this into my stories and leave love, heart felt moments and learning to deal with anger and disappointment and be able to move on with respect for yourself and others.


Sometimes I think too much.  I tend to pound something into the ground if I think I am not understood.  I think it is me who doesn’t really understand.  Sometimes I hear someone talking as when I am reading. My comprehension tends to be a bit backwards.  Even to talk, I tend to mix it up and I always get this look of “what?”  Then I have to sit and think and then change it correctly. People seem to be a bit impatient to this, so when I listen to kids I really can understand why some are more popular than others. I don’t know if this is a disability or not, I don’t want to make excuses for it, but I am now just understanding that I am me.  Me is good, and to except myself for who I am and what my strengths are and just work on what I can do and except the things I may never do.  It is amazing that I received such a gift as writing.  Theatrically, I should not be able to write but with 20 years of practice and rewriting I am now able to see incorrect sentences and able to change them on my own, just as long as I don’t read it twice because unfortunately I put it back the wrong way.  It makes me laugh and I think that is my biggest step in the world in which I live in, to laugh at myself and not look at things so critical. My mother use to tell me, “When you get older you will slow down and understand more.”  She was so correct, my love for her is immense.  Well, that is a thought for today and if you have obstacles in your life, don’t let them steer away from your passion but give you strength to over come and conquer.  For that special price to pay you will receive confidence that is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Hello everyone!

Well this is my first post on word press and I hope it works out right.  Hate learning new stuff, but it looks like I am figuring it out pretty good.  Wow, hummmm, what will I write.  Well…