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Sometimes I think too much.  I tend to pound something into the ground if I think I am not understood.  I think it is me who doesn’t really understand.  Sometimes I hear someone talking as when I am reading. My comprehension tends to be a bit backwards.  Even to talk, I tend to mix it up and I always get this look of “what?”  Then I have to sit and think and then change it correctly. People seem to be a bit impatient to this, so when I listen to kids I really can understand why some are more popular than others. I don’t know if this is a disability or not, I don’t want to make excuses for it, but I am now just understanding that I am me.  Me is good, and to except myself for who I am and what my strengths are and just work on what I can do and except the things I may never do.  It is amazing that I received such a gift as writing.  Theatrically, I should not be able to write but with 20 years of practice and rewriting I am now able to see incorrect sentences and able to change them on my own, just as long as I don’t read it twice because unfortunately I put it back the wrong way.  It makes me laugh and I think that is my biggest step in the world in which I live in, to laugh at myself and not look at things so critical. My mother use to tell me, “When you get older you will slow down and understand more.”  She was so correct, my love for her is immense.  Well, that is a thought for today and if you have obstacles in your life, don’t let them steer away from your passion but give you strength to over come and conquer.  For that special price to pay you will receive confidence that is worth more than all the gold in the world.


Comments on: "Thinking" (2)

  1. I believe we are all guilty of over thinking, so know that you are not alone in your thoughts upon this manner. There have been many occasions where I have found myself in a situation such as you have declared, but I’ve also learned not to take matters to heart, nor to find myself becoming frustrated over it.

    It’s not easy, but at least you have the power to turn those that frustrate you into characters of your choosing who can do nothing but befall the might of your willpower 🙂

  2. Great post. Sounds like you have gotten to know yourself pretty well.

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