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I have sat here pondering how far I will go in life.  I am learning the art of not listening to gossip and people who have to belittle to feel big.  It has always made me feel small to talk about someone without passion.  My stories deal with feelings and how they make you feel and the way you should deal with situations openly instead of angrily. Its is so easy to become negative and angry.  I always try to look at why, what transpired.

For instance, I was in the store the other day and the clerk was checking me through and I decided not to get something because the price was wrong. She huffled and puffled and grabbed the hummus and rescaned it and put it off to the side. I was all of a sudden taking it personally like I had made her mad. I said, “Wow today has been quite a day.  How is your day going?”  She looked up at me with a stern look and said, “I don;t have a problem.”  I said, quickly without thinking, “I do and I feel I am making your job hard by not taking the hummus so maybe I should get it anyway so you can smile.”  Then I knew my mouth opened and ooopse my shoe was coming un strung as I stood there, it was pulling off my foot rising up to my mouth and then she said, “Oh, it has been a hard day.  This guy came and yelled at me for his bad lettuce. Way out of control over lettuce.”  I looked at her and said, “Did you tell him, if you hold on a moment I will run out into the parking lot and pick you another one?”  She laughed and snorted and made me laugh and snort and the lady behind me let out a big puff as if we were taking to long.  That was even more precious, I said, “We better hurry up, we will both get trouble this time.”   I love it when I can break a mode and make someone smile, because smiling is a gift we all could use, I try to smile and laugh at least 50 times a day.  NOt like I count of course the 11 times I laughed writing this. But I try to put this into my stories and leave love, heart felt moments and learning to deal with anger and disappointment and be able to move on with respect for yourself and others.


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