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Finding Time

Writing seems to come in spurts, for me my life becomes so busy writing seem so far away.  The computer sits and waits for me to come back to add to the story.  My mind goes through chapters and additions as I work my many jobs.  I would love to sell enough to stay home but for me that is not the case so my computer has to wait for me to return.  Hatt Boy has new and exciting things coming.  He is going to meet a new boy in the school that is going to change his life.  He is going to introduce him to a new way of galloping around and seeing the world.

I am reading more than ever but wish I had a i pad so I could take my books with me so I could read when ever and what ever takes my eye, but for me that is not the case for now.  But soon I will get one and then I can write on my stories where ever I am and read whenever I want.  I have been carrying around my book and I fold the top pages down where I stop and a little old lady at my shot place said, “You should never bend or fold the pages, it is so disrespectful to the book.”  She got up and walked away and I said to my book, “sorry”!   Silly how people can make you feel so weird, but I folded down the page and went on.  Maybe that will be the thing I am remembered for but I would love to be remembered for my writings.  I am still working on the goal I set forth 20 some years ago.  One thing can be said about me, I am not one for giving up and a dream.  May your day be full of joy and lots of hugs and kisses from whom you love and most of all to be able to forgive someone and change there life for the better. xoxoox



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  1. Keep bending those pages, Dvora; the book doesn’t care, it just wants to be read. And keep reaching for that dream! I’ll see you along the path.

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