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Welcoming Readers

It is so hard to get people to your website and then on top of it buy a book.  They do not know me from a hole in the wall, but then Suess was a hole in the wall at one time too.  I hope someday someone takes a chance and buys a book from me and finds it fabulous for there little ones.  I have been working for 2o years and still working hard to get out there.  My stories are moral stories that teach simple ways to help them grow to be a better person. Like The Duck that Didn’t Know,  all moms and dads can do is direct them in the ways they have learned in there lifetime and then it comes a times where kids grow and have to learn what is out there for them and learn who they really are.  As the duck in the story learns who he is and what he is good at his mother the bird also knows she taught him the best she could and that in life is all we can really do.  Give our children the best part of us, hope they listen and learn and then let them fly away with the feeling we did all we could do.  LIfe goes on even when we are gone and what we leave behind is a gift all in itself, my stories will live forever for they are complex and simple to grasp for small kids and most of all, fun to read.  These stories give a lot of run to be theatrical and to give self expression. That is all I ever want for kids, to ask the dumb question people don’t have time for and then write a story because I am always listening to those little voices of the future.  xoxoxo


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  1. Be encouraged. http://www.thefatandtheskinnyonwellness.com/ (Mother’s Day Giveaway on the site that you may enjoy. Cash and prizes totaling $700.00) Tweeted and promoted this post. See FB pg where I promote authors, writers, bloggers. If you like, you can post there any time you wish. 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve found that he best way to get people to look at one’s website or fb ad is to take an interest in others who share your concerns. . Just like in conversation, a speaker who never inquires about the listener soon loses the listener.

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