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Being an author just means you have a status,, if you are not read by any it is you who keeps you going.  My passion is probably like so many others,they just wanna be read. I think it is important that I read my stories with my books, my voice is can tell the story with passion and wish someday that will happen.  I have tried to do such and it is so complicated to me, if shown I probably would say I could of done this a long time ago.  I ponder my words at all times, my characters are now my friends and have lives of there own.  Wow I think I have entered the world of tru writer.  I cannot imagine not writing. I did it once, said to myself,  I am done.  Turned around and wrote The Friendly Swingset and found that my life has been an open book and dear lord has been giving me the books all along, I just have to listen more closely.  The Friendly Swingset is a beautiful story of how one can change the dynamics of a neighborhood.  I feel this world needs a change.  Tatoo’s are good, piercing are good but do we have to add all the garbage that goes along with it. I love art but being a good person, try to be honest, not hurt others, not gossip is the hardest thing to do in life. Bad language just shows you are not a reader, I love a eloquent conversation, even tho I have difficulties with memorization, I tell kids, it will come in time and listen closely, learning language for some is so hard even if you peak english. I am dyslexic and have to change my wording all the time, I write a lot of the time inside out. My thoughts start at the end and by the time I work to the beginning I get to start all over.  Now that I have stopped fighting myself and work with myself and except myself I am able to write with more passion, fashion, worry less non sense. If this makes sense I am glad if not, that is okay too. I always know when my husbands and girls head goes to one side and a certain expression, I know I have to start again.  Please keep writing and loving the world, it needs it right now as much as ever.  I heart you all.


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