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Hello, I’d like to thank Dvora for hosting me on her blog this week. This week on our virtual blog tour we were instructed to visit a website with photo prompts. Then we were to write a story based on the photo we chose. The photo jumped out at me off the page and I knew I had to write this scene. It was a scene that I didn’t get to put in my original novel, but wanted to share. So here goes…

ImageThe Perfect Proposal (A short story from The Keeper), by Natalie Star

Most girls dream of their weddings from the time they know what a wedding is. Billie did, when she was in elementary school she used to dress in her mother’s white linen nightgown, pick flowers from the garden for her bouquet, and wear lace doilies on her head to practice for her big day.

Later in life, when she was in college, Billie didn’t fantasize so much about the wedding itself, but on the proposal. She and Tyler were in love, they talked about getting married. So Billie dreamed of the one proposal she knew she couldn’t have.

She envisioned them in their special field. Full of green grasses, a multitude of trees, and mountains all around as far as the eye could see. Their special place held so many memories for her, and she wanted that one important event to be a memory there as well.

Being hundreds of miles away she knew it wasn’t a possibility. But a girl can dream.

In her last year of college, Tyler picked Billie up for their typical dinner and movie date on a Friday night. She should have known something was going on by his demeanor. He was anxious and acting a little strange.

“Tyler? Is everything all right?” Billie asked.

“Yeah…yeah. I’m just nervous we won’t get a seat; you know how busy Friday nights can be. I should have made a reservation.” He ran his hand through his hair.

“It’s fine. We can go somewhere else if it’s booked.” She reached for his hand and entwined their fingers together. His palm was sticky with sweat. The only time his skin was ever like that was when he felt sick. “Are you feeling okay, your hand is—“

“Sorry.” He pulled it away and wiped it on the thigh of his jeans. Billie reached for his forehead to check his temperature. He felt fine.

They arrived at the restaurant early before the dinner rush only to be turned away. Once seated back in the car Tyler sank back into the driver’s seat and put both hands over his face. “I’m sorry. I can’t believe I didn’t call. I just got sidetracked today and I forgot.”

“It’s okay, let’s go get something from the sandwich shop and eat in the car before the movie. It’s fine by me as long as I get some food.” As if on cue her stomach growled. “See? Hungry.”

He smiled a small smile and started the car. The drive wasn’t far at all, just three short blocks. Inside while waiting on their order, Billie was looking at the items for sale on the wall near the register. There were different jams, jellies, wines, sauces, breads, and kitchen items. She saw a picnic basket, and to try to cheer Tyler up she grabbed it along with a bottle of wine.

“What are you doing with that?” he asked.

“Let’s have a picnic…like we used to in the field.” She knew by his reaction it was the right thing to do. His face, blank at first, slowly came to life with a smile that lit up the room. It was so sincere that his dimple to the side of his mouth was visible.

“That’s perfect!” He grabbed her up in an embrace so tight she almost couldn’t breathe, but his smile was infectious and all she could do was grin back.

After paying for their purchases they hit the road. Tyler had no destination in mind. He just drove.

“Where are we going?”

“Don’t know yet.”

“We’ll miss the movie if we go too far.”

“I don’t mind missing it if you don’t.” He looked to her and she shook her head.

They drove for about five minutes. Sunset was coming soon.

“I know of a place we can go. Can your stomach hold out for another minute or two?”

“I don’t know…” She chided.

Tyler pulled the car up to a small park just outside of the town. There was a family packing up to leave. No other cars or people were in sight. “Perfect,” he said.

Billie got out of the car and headed with the picnic basket to the gazebo in the center of the park. Tyler walked a few steps behind her and she could hear him taking several deep breaths.

“Hey, are you sure you are all right? You don’t sound okay. You’re breathing funny.”

He chuckled nervously. “Never better.”  He ran up behind her and grabbed her by the waist causing her to drop the basket.

“Now look what you’ve made me do.” She bent over to pick up the few things that scattered out, and turned around to scold him. Whatever she was going to say she forgot.

Tyler was on one knee holding open a black velvet ring box. Inside was a simple gold band with a single solitaire diamond.

Whatever preconceived notion she had about a proposal, it was gone the moment she laid eyes on him. He knelt in front of the gazebo steps, holding the ring proudly, and he never looked so handsome. The sun was setting and the pinkish-orange glow lit his sweet face. She looked down at the ring and it sparkled radiantly in the light.

“Billie, I’ve loved you since I was five, and I always will. Will you let me love you forever as your husband?”

She felt tears welling up in her eyes as she dropped to her knees and took the ring from the box. “Yes. Yes, a million times.” She handed him the ring and he placed it on her finger, it was the perfect fit. She held out her hand and moved it so the last few minutes of remaining sunlight would shine off of it. “It’s beautiful.”

“A beautiful ring for a beautiful woman. Thank you for saying yes. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me.” She pulled her gaze from the ring to see Tyler beaming and teary eyed.

“Yes, I do, because you make me just as happy, if not more. I can’t wait to be your wife. I love you, Tyler.”

He wiped tears from her face and kissed her softly. She kissed him back and put her arms around him hugging him tight. He pulled back to look into her eyes.

“I wanted to do this back home, and I know this isn’t the field—“

“No, it isn’t…but it’s perfect.” And in her mind it truly was.


Natalie Star is the author of the paranormal romance novel, The Keeper. She lives with her husband and two children in Hampton Roads, VA. She loves to spend time with her family (her children are avid soccer players), and aside from reading and writing, she loves camping, hiking and taking photographs.

Natalie enjoys hearing from her readers; you can find her at these following sites:

Book Trailer on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8x0K05MHWA









Purchase sites: http://authornataliestar.blogspot.com/2012/01/keeper-where-can-you-find-it.html


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