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OH my Oprah

When Oprah was having her niece or grand or well, way back when she was celebrating a baby, people sent her gifts and she excepted them on T.V. and even praised such love.  Well like a dummy I sent her my book, I didn’t really expect T.V.  coverage and fame.  But thought it was pretty cute and figured maybe she’d read it or give it to the library and send it on its way, hopefully not throw it away.

  I was watching Oprah talking about a blanket sent to her and other things and then my hubby came in the house with the mail.  I got MY BOOK BACK!!!  Wow that I did not expect.  Maybe throw it away, give it away, hand it out free gift, but SEND IT BACK?  I was so sad and then a letter saying, Oprah does not receive gifts!  Ahhhhh she doesn’t? It was all staged?  Wow I sat there as she went through all her thank yous for gifts that have come in for the joy she is receiving from her fans.

The letter was signed by someone other than her, but stamped her name at the bottom,  so it didn’t pass inspection of her letter openers.  I never watched her again, I don’t think I was angry, but disappointed totally.  I had a hard time seeing compassion in her, I am sure she didn’t even know about it at all.  But I kept the letter and book together and put it in a drawer.  I am not sure why, I think she is a great lady, I just wasn’t good enough.  I hope I am understood correctly, I just felt that the show maybe wasn’t being on the up and up, but just me I suppose.

Not so long after a kid made me a clay figure of a dragon in class after I read Spiddle Spaddle Spuddle Spuff, he lov’d the story so much he made me a clay image of the dragon.  For some reason oprah came to mind and then I smiled at him.  I held onto it for years but the last time I went to look at it, it had just turned into powder. I always wondered if he remember making it.  Wish now I had taken a picture, something I will do forever more.  He was so proud of that little clay dragon and I was so proud to of been acknowledged with such a precious gift.

That is what we all want I guess, to have someone say, I love your work and keep it up.  That is a dream in itself and when someone does it I just fall in love with the idea I could do this for a living.  If I never do, I will cherish all the memories that have come my way, most of all, I will never give something back and say, 

Thank You!!!


But I have leaned with my reading issues I have finally found a way to read successfully. Holding a book with all the words in front of my eyes, just makes them bobble, but reading on my phone it puts just enough words on a sentence that I storm through books, where was my phone when I was young.  Take the world as a gift and always give back and take care. Sweet Green Grass Books!  🙂 


A great story from the author Nicole Storey!

I just finished Nicole Storey novel, Grimsley Hallow, “Eve of the Begining”.  She has delighted me with the keen idea that a boy with autism could handle saving the world of evil forces.  Her words so graciously describes autism and how it feels to have it.  It shows that friends can understand it and be aware with the conditions on how friendship can last.  The story is cute, serious, funny and keep you aware. 

I give this story a 4 thumbs up with the last thumb up number 5 for daring to write such a grand story.  I think all will benefit from reading it and believe in the impossible that we all face as we grow up in this world.  Characters well thought up with each a unique tale of there own.  The story stands up and rides you along to the very end and leaves you wanting to read the next story in line from the deepest darkest secrets of Grimsley Hallow. 

A look into the reviewer:

In Dvora’s poetry and stories, a positive attitude toward life is the major theme and each story ends with a strong moral. “Many of my stories present situations where something goes wrong,” she says.  “I use loving characters alongside funny and familiar situations to show ways in which we can overcome any obstacles in school or home with patience and grace.”


Dvora’s motto is T.T.R.A.B,  “Time To Read Another Book”.

 Dvora’s motto is T.T.R.A.B,  “Time To Read Another Book”.