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I just finished Nicole Storey novel, Grimsley Hallow, “Eve of the Begining”.  She has delighted me with the keen idea that a boy with autism could handle saving the world of evil forces.  Her words so graciously describes autism and how it feels to have it.  It shows that friends can understand it and be aware with the conditions on how friendship can last.  The story is cute, serious, funny and keep you aware. 

I give this story a 4 thumbs up with the last thumb up number 5 for daring to write such a grand story.  I think all will benefit from reading it and believe in the impossible that we all face as we grow up in this world.  Characters well thought up with each a unique tale of there own.  The story stands up and rides you along to the very end and leaves you wanting to read the next story in line from the deepest darkest secrets of Grimsley Hallow. 

A look into the reviewer:

In Dvora’s poetry and stories, a positive attitude toward life is the major theme and each story ends with a strong moral. “Many of my stories present situations where something goes wrong,” she says.  “I use loving characters alongside funny and familiar situations to show ways in which we can overcome any obstacles in school or home with patience and grace.”


Dvora’s motto is T.T.R.A.B,  “Time To Read Another Book”.

 Dvora’s motto is T.T.R.A.B,  “Time To Read Another Book”.






Comments on: "A great story from the author Nicole Storey!" (2)

  1. Hola Dvora, sonrisa…Cool Blog!!! Felicidades!!! Be well, Native/De Ann

  2. Thank you SO very much for your kind review, Dvora! I really needed a boost of confidence and this was a wonderful surprise!

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