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OUt of the BoX

Well reading is a  crazy kind of thing, yah know. Its all to do with language and the understandable understanding that you really do understand it at all.  I have tried to for years to memorize rules, regulations and such but what pops out of my mouth is usually an original.  My boss to day was talking to me and said, “Is that another swickle word!”  I sat there thinking about what she just said.  I went back through my mind on the word, at which I don’t remember it at the moment but realized, my word was not a word and said, “I guess just in the world of swickle!”  She looked at me puzzled and then laughed.  I have always thought out of the box, been able to read people more than they would like and feel things sometimes before it happens.  It is a weird gift and I have put a damper on it through the years. When I feel something instead of blurting it out I just wait, then upon the out come I can say to myself, yup, new that.  My writing is amazingly complicated, for one dyslexia and sentence structure usually goes on the page backwards. IT is hard to read it at times and be critical because unless my husband slows me down and shows me the problem I will read it just like I wrote it backwards, hallirious for some, for me just a heart felt throb that – yes that’s me. I will try harder. Writing different than most is a hard thing, to be different is I think sometimes a downfall, wish I could conform to others, it would make my life easier. I think for a writer if you don’t say at least many times, I am going to stop this craziness then… POP! Another story welcomes itself in to take you on a new journey, so how can you say no to that. Being a writer is like being an artist or someone who has to paint or build, its just another kind of craziness, that yes, has to be done.  If I just help one child with my stories or just cause that infectious smile it brightens my whole day.  So those are my trowbles, but I think not to write would be a sin so write I shall, If it makes your heart feel whole, then just keep typing out those keys… I know I will!!!


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