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All about me.

Have to learn the world is not all about me world, marriage is two people., Its give and take and let go. This is magic in many ways, we need this back in out society to think of others too.

Is like something I saw in a hospital when I was a candy striper. A man came waltzing well running into the room I was in and said “God ^#&$( what have you done to my car. I knew you couldn’t (&^% take care of it.”  I stood there frozen, thinking, as bad as the boy did.   Now being married with children and family, I have learned how absurd that was. You can replace a car, gosh darn it. But cannot replace your child! How I wish I could of went back and said something, but would it of helped, hummmm sometimes I think not, a shame.

Our world is so full of death, hate, all about me, that we are desensitized to feelings.  If you have any they have pills for that.  I don’t wanna say religion is the bases for all our problems but there is a lot in it that we are missing. So you don’t have to believe in a higher being but make your body a temple and give instead of constantly taking. If your children are not perfect, think back when you were a child.

Not sure why I am on this at this moment but I think we need to make more movies that have confidence and well being and not teach so much that death is not a big deal. OR that sex is a part of life, kids movies don’t need to have that, you are taking yur kids to the movie not yourself.

I had a dream last night that guns had a finger print guide if the print didn’t match you could not shoot it. I am not against guns, not at all but think that may be a good option if you would like to use it. Hope maybe that comes true.  I find that to many movies I seem to like are violent and death.  We are so desensitized, but with age you find how precious life is but to a child they have no idea of that because they have not lived long enough to see it.

So that is why I don’t put violence in my stories, no bitter edge to it, no startling ideas, they have enough of that, just wonderful characters, good moral and fun to read.  Let kids be kids, give them time to grow, slow down your life for them to enjoy theirs, and they will love you for it.  So cheers to all my characters that have come to me through the years in a positive, loving way, that I may share gracefully with other children to help them learn and enjoy being a child, for that is what it is all about…  xo





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