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Hummm I am me!

I began writing in elementary school, not sure what I was doing but got an A on my poetry book. Well that has been long gone but I never really quite writing. I had issues in school reading and asked dumb questions. Well, they said they were dumb. Could not memorize very well so that made me a.. “Not want to learn” or “You didn;t even try.” or  “You should apply yourself.” guess I was bullied way back then.  Yah think. Well I wanted to sing but could not memorize music so I was afraid. A writer asked me about my book I froze and could not say a word and she said, “Didn’t memorize your platform, huh?” I just melted away to nothing. So I still write because I think God would not of given me so much to say, even tho it is terrible hard for me, I struggle to get it right but most of all, I pick myself up and push forward for all the kids that have gone through what I have gone through. I am still bullied to this day, I do not understand kidding, some kids do not, so I try to explain little things in stories that they will pick up and take with them the rest of there lives.  Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest. Some say I hear and see things backwards well maybe but I can sure make people laugh when I do and maybe that is a gift too, but inside it hurts some.  I want to be that exact person who is perfect  on questions and answers but all that comes out of me is honesty, sometimes funny and alot of the times backwards and my favorite, turn that back inside out and reverse it.  Thank you for your love, Ms. Swickle.


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