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Finding the Positive

Finding the Positive.


Finding the Positive

Today I was on the link with my special friend. A boy got on and said, my friend was weird, stupid.  Well his mom was absouletely beside herself. She was going to scold till I popped in and said, “Do you know what Autism is?” He said, “NO.” So I said, he cannot speak like us but he knows exactly what you are saying and can say hi if you say hi.  Well I asked him to say hi and he did. My friend spun around and signed hi back. He was just baffled at the whole experience. His mom wanted to apologize, I just smiled at her  and winked and said all is good.  My friend then gave the link driver a big high five and the boy understood that. Then I said after a spell, here we go, wait for it. Wait for it, listen, wait and chunk chunk, we just changed tracks.  The three boys, joined in and were so interested then I found the moment and said, coming up on the right pretty soon will be a , and I looked at my friend and said, what is going to be there?  He signed, what he signs ice skating. I said, Thats right, you are so smart. The boys looked at him and looked out the window and described how the big tent will soon be up and ice inside and kids will be skating.  I think we really worked our magic tonight. For the boy said good bye to my friend, he signed the same.  And as we drove off, the boy ran along the link and waved as my friend waved back. I think, really in my heart, that this was magical. It could of been bad, was posative and where the positive came in, was magic. I hope he will remember this, for I will. Not so much what is said, but how it is said in return. What a special night, I am amazed how much I learn, about myself, my friend and the community.  Thank you,  if you read all of this and hope it is not written to badly.  ❤  We are all gods children, what may be different for some, is only in the eyes of the beholder and if I changed one view at a time, it heart warming…

Help when can!

I was headed toward Fred Meyer and looked in between the cars and saw a dollars fall to the ground and a gentleman walking off. I ran over there and picked it up called to him and said, “Here, you dropped a dollar.” He turned slowly and looked at me and said, “Oh I figured it was one dollar down.” I looked at him and handed it to him and he gently walked away. I ran around the store getting my stuff and periodically I would run into him. Then in my car heading home  it hit me, he could not pick it up! OH, dah! Heavens sake I just answered my life long question why I find money on the ground but usually pennies, or sometimes quarters. But larger bills makes me hope I am around so I can help them not loose there food money, or medication money.

Its amazing our society is going so fast now we are not able to put simple together, until we end up there then the epiphany is much to late.  I respect the elders because they are going through the hardest part of there lives. Some say dying process, I think I would say, the best of the days. Getting older has been a blessing for me. If only the body would slow down for more enjoyment. So if you see an older person in a situation and all they need is a little hand, use of your back and legs, or even a smile. Create a happy surrounding, it will give pleasure where ever you go. I heart you!!!