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growing pains

While I was writing a new story today, I realized that we are all apart of that wonderful spectrum that makes all of us individuals.

We see life differently, carry conversations uniquely, read faces; some better than others. The fact is we are all different and I believe sometimes as adults we have lost that innocent way of looking of things. Maybe it is routine, maybe goggles are on, or even been taught not to ask and not to tell.

I feel if a child can not ask a lot of questions they become self thinking, in my eyes that mean they figure it out for themselves and call it good.  When you want to explain and show them different some get onry.

I also know kids reflect almost everything you do. If you do not want them to yell at you then for heaven’s sakes don’t yell at them. At the store  this happened.

“Listen to me. Stop touching that, its expensive.”    then the child when mother grabbed her arm, said, “Stop touching me, let me go.”

Now it went on further than that but I was just walking by.  I had to chuckle because she had so much personality. Also she was listening to her mother. Even tho  her mother thought she was not, I thought she was.  She found herself as important as the perfume.  Thought she was expensive too.  I wanted so bad to go back and explain this to her but at that moment I think she might not of laughed or maybe she would of, and it would break the moment of frustration. I will never know.  I love life and children’s and parents too.  It is a learning game not only for kids but for us too. Parents do not come with manuals, notes, check off lists, inside vision.

I just wanna say when the child is crying, make sure what you are doing is not so important that the cry of a child is dismissed.  Unconsciously, it happens.

Onetime my daughter was crying and I was so late to get where I was going and trying to get her in the seat and clicking and snapping and not knowing why, and she was crying and hitting and finally I stopped to breath and looked at her face and her little lip was quivering.  I stepped back and realized I was pinching her with the snappy thing. I left no marks thank god but still, I felt so crappy. So I told her I was sorry I was in a hurry and maybe its time we all stop and think for a moment, give mommie a moment to breath and when I said that, she took a big breath and tears came to my eyes.

Remember, parents are not perfect in anyway, we do the best we can, just remember children cannot go as long as we can, we think they do but they don’t. See ahead as far as we can, or experience it for the millionth time, they are bran spanking new yah know.  Until they are teenagers that will be a whole nother blog…..<3


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