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I was old…

I was brought back from the 40’s to redo my life. Not sure why, I am so into swingers and swing music and ideal with black and white movies.  Maybe god put me back here to bring back some touch of innocence. Write children’s book for kids only and for them to cherish. Maybe to give answers for unspoken questions, that would be considered obvious but not to some. The some… is who I write for, the some who don’t always figure out the obvious, the some who love so much, but there love is turned away and laughed at. Kids are trying to be so tough, up to date with the adults its confusing to them, for they have not the experience to understand what an adult is trying to accomplish. Most adults are still trying to find themselves and if they can’t why should the kids follow that path at all. Lets bring back kids words, kids movies, kids reality, kids problems, that are not the adult problems, kids problems.  Does not have to be in god’s way either, of course he is in all hearts, but if he is just a shadow for some, still stay with the basics. Love, hug, truth,not steal,not belittle for fun,(never fun) I want kids to be read a book that will work for them, doesn’t have to be complex, does not have to give a million teaching, one or two is good.  For some a little is a lot and for some too much is over whelming. Kids are so good at doing what we do. We say, “Stop or I will give you something to stop about.” or “If you do that I am going to do something you will hate.” I had such a good imagination, it was more than usually happened.  Just thinking again, just thoughts would love to hear yours also. I am not sure we all come back at all, but sometimes I feel as if I have been before, maybe thats why I am a writer, imaginative. Have a great day and always give a hand to kids, sad, glad, mad, angry. We all need to become one again and feel for each other and give each other support and stop being the only. The one. Just me. you know what I mean, I hope have a great weekend. No one really reads me anymore so I guess I am writing this for me too. Always good to remind myself, I am not the only one on earth, there is a lot to love and give too. ❤


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