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Shirley Temple and Me

I have always wanted a Shirley Temple doll ever since I was young enough to tap dance with her on T.V.  Every Sunday I would get my shoes and meet upstairs in front of the T.V. to watch. In those days of coarse it was hit and miss. She was always cancelled for one thing or another. It was so depressing to say the least. Now in my fifties I was able to get a doll. It was amazing and good price and so happy. When I arrived to the spot to meet the person with the doll she was so withdrawn. She handed me the doll and took one last look and I felt so sad buying it. I felt as if she was mad or something…. Not sure why until I got home and show’d everyone on facebook my new doll. She wrote to me then.  She said she had that doll since she was 8 and treasured it, but now had to sell her to move away because of bad circumstances. I felt so terrible inside, I have had a doll since I was 8 and she is a giggles doll. I could never sell her, or hope I would never have too. I am so glad to have her and so sad for the mom who lost her. I have always been torn with this, but someday maybe they will see each other again. I know this is dumb and ridiculous about a doll. But I believe people come into your life for a reason and in the end it will all come together in heaven. I wish I could of said something profound then, but want to say thank you for the prize and beloved Shirley Temple doll because she will be cherished forever.  xoxoxoxo


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  1. hope I did this right.

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