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Being a bus driver for 10 years and working as a vocational assistant I have seen bullying up front and close.  It is a hard subject to talk about because so many personalities are involved.  I have found that kids tend to take things to far on a school bus.  Everyone is cramped and one feeds off the other.  Ignoring kids sometimes is a good way to go about something but alot of the times words work best.  I am appalled at what they did to the bus monitor. But i have been in the same boat many times as a bus driver.  Some tend to think we are lower class, can’t get a job anywhere else and bottom of the barrel.  This is so far from the truth it is silly to think some think just that.  Drivers have to have there wits about them and be able to multitask and watch kids in a tiny mirror and control them along with watching traffic, turning corners, watching cross walks, dogs, cats and bats sometimes.  I began writing stories when I was a driver.  I would sit at home and write a story about something a child would be upset about. Or a story how to relate to someone else when you do not understand where they are and why they are doing the things they do. If that made sense, I hope.  I wrote Bug in a Bottle because a child brought bugs in a jar to school to show her friends at show and tell.  Well they didn’t make it, she kept them in there too long.   So I told her, its fun to catch them but you have to let them go so they can home to there families too.  I read the story to her class later on that week and she understood more what to do by a simple story.  I wrote a story about a boy who was teased and so he learned a way to put his sorrows and the kids on the street learned of his secret and changed the outcome.  Stories play a big part for kids.  I wrote them just to help a few, but as the years went by, I believe I have helped many children through a simple moral stories written from my heart to my children and to the children in the classrooms.  Fudnickle Brown was written because a child was so silly in class and clumsily.  When the kids laughed at him, he took it so hard and began to hate his classmates and began to act up. So  I wrote the story to show him, the kids were laughing with him, and just because your different doesn’t mean you can’t fit in.  In the case in the book, Fudnickle Brown just needed to be in the right school.  He went to the wrong school, he may not of fit in but the children learn to love him and accept him and were sad when he left. Even tho you are different you don’t have to think you are wrong or strange, qualities come in many different ways.  I hope someday my stories will hep kids in school be more a friend then a teaser.  I think we all just want to be lov’d even the bullies.  I found to be true one girl was so mean she created her issues.  Saying sorry was out of the question until I had a talk with her and said, “Are you afraid to say you are sorry for teasing.”  She said, “Yes, its doesn’t matter I already made the mistake.”  My heart fell and my tears welled up in my eyes and I just smiled at  her and said, “I feel where you are I have been there myself.”  I said saying your sorry doesn’t always seem as if anyone hears you or notices, but they do.  If you work enough on changing and tell people that you want to be different. Every morning when you wake up, alone in the bathroom look in the mirror and say out loud to yourself.  “Good morning, I love you and think your a great person. I am pretty!”  When I did it for the first time I felt uncomfortable but as it goes you will find you have three friends for life. Me Myself and I!  I loved driving bus, when a child would climb up onto my bus and say, “Good morning Bus Driver” or tell me something exciting that happend that weekend, my eyes just sprinkled.  Children are our gifts from god and we should do everything in our power to explain how to be kind, understand others, share love.  Well I am done, just a thought for the day.  ❤ life!


Watching and Learning

I stood in the grocery store today watching a little girl ask her mom questions about a book she was holding. I could not read the title but when she didn’t get her attention she began to tear it up a bit.  Mom then spoke scolding to her about the respect of books and how you should take care of them and she took the book away.  I stood there thinking along time about that.  It is amazing how you get so caught up in life and daily chores that paying attention is difficult and sometimes to the wrong things.  To me for the second to answer a question and look at the book smile and go on would of took less time than what did happen.  Sometimes I wish I could go back and do my child raising differently but we don’t see things till we have slow’d down and and learn to watch, maybe that is the granny stage, did I really say that.  But I wanted to go and read to her and let mom shop, it would of been wonderful. I am not saying she was wrong in anyway I was a mom too, but I did see how kids when they cannot get you on the upside they take you to the down side, hope I said that correctly.  My story about the bird and the duck, in The Duck That Didn’t Know, I really wanted to say, we do our very best as parents and try to see ahead, but as children we are also learning to be parents, really the manual is living it.  Maybe someday she will read one of my books, but I will teach her to fold the page she wants to come back to instead of tearing it out and handing it to me in pieces to look at.  hahahahaha  Have a wonderful night all.  ❤