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Watching and Learning

I stood in the grocery store today watching a little girl ask her mom questions about a book she was holding. I could not read the title but when she didn’t get her attention she began to tear it up a bit.  Mom then spoke scolding to her about the respect of books and how you should take care of them and she took the book away.  I stood there thinking along time about that.  It is amazing how you get so caught up in life and daily chores that paying attention is difficult and sometimes to the wrong things.  To me for the second to answer a question and look at the book smile and go on would of took less time than what did happen.  Sometimes I wish I could go back and do my child raising differently but we don’t see things till we have slow’d down and and learn to watch, maybe that is the granny stage, did I really say that.  But I wanted to go and read to her and let mom shop, it would of been wonderful. I am not saying she was wrong in anyway I was a mom too, but I did see how kids when they cannot get you on the upside they take you to the down side, hope I said that correctly.  My story about the bird and the duck, in The Duck That Didn’t Know, I really wanted to say, we do our very best as parents and try to see ahead, but as children we are also learning to be parents, really the manual is living it.  Maybe someday she will read one of my books, but I will teach her to fold the page she wants to come back to instead of tearing it out and handing it to me in pieces to look at.  hahahahaha  Have a wonderful night all.  ❤