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Sometimes learning the computer can be such a crazy experience.  I have such a hard time memorizing programs and what to do with them, when it is not simply for the simple I am lost.

Alot of times I read something and it never seems to read the same.  My creative mind always wants to add a little here and there and programs are programs, do the same thing all the time every time. I guess that is why I didn’t do well in school, they would give you a question to memorize then on the test write it differently just enough for me not to get.  I am a like this, I can lay on the floor draw around myself and make a coat.  Not like the stores but it is warm and works.  Maybe I was just born to late, my stories are morals with learning life and understanding actions cause actions.  I want kids to learn how to learn something before they do it, also to know it is okay to be different. Okay to think out of the box.  I have read my books for twenty years and children love them, I read at a church last weekend and everyone had a great time.  I just have to focus more, thats is what everyone says, focus, I have almost learn not to like that little 5 letter word.

I remember my Mom saying if you keep reading the book backwards you won;t read it the way it is being written. I was looking at the pictures, expecially in magazines.  My Mom didn’t really know I didn’t understand what they were writing about but the  pictures were my saving grace. 

So I want to thank you dear Lord for giving me the gift of creativity.  By giving me the gift to write, pour out my soul, and making me rewrite everything one hundred million times, tha is what it took. I am reading more than I ever have and even in my writing now, I catch sentences being written backwards and can change them to be understandable.  There is someone up there helping me, someone up there pushing me to keep writing, my heart at the moment just wants to stop maybe because I am hungry at the moment.  Maybe it is because the obsticles sometimes are so big. But I guess that is what a 2 minute pitty party is and yes, my two minutes are up.

Hello I am Dvora Swickle and I have childrens books that will change there lives and help them grow to be someone and feel like someone.  So… }Swickle me another story, MOM!”  and the beat goes on…..

dvoraswickle.com  Where you get a box of candy corn and a gift inside!