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Fun, Sun and Cracker Jacks!

I drove school bus for many years and I found two things to be true.  Kids love to learn, stories tend to do the trick for me.  I remember one girl not having any money for mothers day gift.  She said something to a friend and they said, “Just ask your Dad for money!”  She sat there looking at her friend and I could see in her eyes that that was not an option. She dropped her head down and starred at the floor to school. So I went home and wrote The Old Washing Machine.  In those days I would go to the schools and read stories to the children during my mid break from driving.  Most of the time I wrote stories to help someone figure something out. How to deal with an issue and be successful.  After I read the story in library time, the following week when all the kids boarded the bus she looked at me and said she had taken all her art supplies and made her mother a picture with bottle caps, pop cycle sticks, cotton, buttons and so forth.  She looked up at me with this smile that absolutely brought tears to my eyes.  She marched herself back to her seat and sat much taller that day and I knew with one simple story how much power I had with my pen and paper. My daughter had caught a bug on Friday for school on Monday and well the bug didn’t make it and she was so sad, had nothing for show and tell.  Well I wrote Bug in a Bottle for her, its good to catch them in a jar but for a short time, then you need to let them go so they can be home safe and sound. So catching the bug night before and letting it go after school is the ticket.  

I wrote stories for 10 years entertaining children but the one I remember the most was the story I wrote for a boy who shuddered.  I was not trained in this but knew how to express myself in the story Heckamor the Turtle, after I read the story he asked me for a copy. So I went home drew a few pictures and stapled it together and gave it to him.  Well after bus driving I became a para educator and in the school I was working this 6 foot gentlemen came up to me and asked me if I remembered him.  I was speechless and said, “I am so sorry, I do not, but usually I have to remind myself who I am.” We both smiled and he said, “You gave me a book in elementary school, Heckamor the Turtle.”  I was speechless, he didn’t studder and handsome man he turned out to be. He thanked me for the story and my eyes just teared up.  He said the book is sitting on his shelf all these years.  I am blown away at the idea I had such an impact and that is why I am now publishing them. If I can just do that to one child at a time, it is worth a life time of work.  Sometimes a child will not ask a question because they think it is dumb.  I was told that a million times when I was young, but I always believe any question is a good one not matter what others think.  Some kids just need to know more, with pictures, funny story, Mom being a Italian chef for tea days.  I won’t go there, but Moms and Dads have a big impact on there young’ins and I wish the world wasn’t so busy that one could stay home, but since that is not relevant, I will keep writing my short stories to give a little present in each one for each individual child. To touch one at a time for a better life is all I am aiming for and getting to read them aloud, my favorite things to do in the whole world.  Thank you for your viewing and I am blessed with a touch up from above to get a gift of myself to all the children in the world.