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Sometimes learning the computer can be such a crazy experience.  I have such a hard time memorizing programs and what to do with them, when it is not simply for the simple I am lost.

Alot of times I read something and it never seems to read the same.  My creative mind always wants to add a little here and there and programs are programs, do the same thing all the time every time. I guess that is why I didn’t do well in school, they would give you a question to memorize then on the test write it differently just enough for me not to get.  I am a like this, I can lay on the floor draw around myself and make a coat.  Not like the stores but it is warm and works.  Maybe I was just born to late, my stories are morals with learning life and understanding actions cause actions.  I want kids to learn how to learn something before they do it, also to know it is okay to be different. Okay to think out of the box.  I have read my books for twenty years and children love them, I read at a church last weekend and everyone had a great time.  I just have to focus more, thats is what everyone says, focus, I have almost learn not to like that little 5 letter word.

I remember my Mom saying if you keep reading the book backwards you won;t read it the way it is being written. I was looking at the pictures, expecially in magazines.  My Mom didn’t really know I didn’t understand what they were writing about but the  pictures were my saving grace. 

So I want to thank you dear Lord for giving me the gift of creativity.  By giving me the gift to write, pour out my soul, and making me rewrite everything one hundred million times, tha is what it took. I am reading more than I ever have and even in my writing now, I catch sentences being written backwards and can change them to be understandable.  There is someone up there helping me, someone up there pushing me to keep writing, my heart at the moment just wants to stop maybe because I am hungry at the moment.  Maybe it is because the obsticles sometimes are so big. But I guess that is what a 2 minute pitty party is and yes, my two minutes are up.

Hello I am Dvora Swickle and I have childrens books that will change there lives and help them grow to be someone and feel like someone.  So… }Swickle me another story, MOM!”  and the beat goes on…..

dvoraswickle.com  Where you get a box of candy corn and a gift inside!


When the Devil Writer Block has you by the pants, Jennifer Don has something very hot to say, take it away and light our path in the world of words.

Jennifer Don


    The Hurdles We As Writers Overcome.

    What do writers mean when they say they have hit the wall?
    How do we overcome the hurdles that can slam right into us, or appear before us at the most inconvenient of times?

    These are the challenges that face each of us, some however fair better than others. Writers block is the bane of any writer’s life. It is the shadow in the darkness that waits endlessly for us to venture too close. It is the ghost that haunts us through all time and the fear that is ever constant in our mind. We’ve all been there at least once, I know I have, and it was recent at that. Just last week I hit the wall so hard that I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. In reality I should have seen it coming having been off writing for a few weeks prior to it. But that’s the thing with Writer’s block; we never know when it will strike and when it does it strikes hard and fast. We reach the point where we are filled with nothing but doubt over our own abilities and a scary thought arises. That thought is one that surfaces its ugly head when we are at our lowest of lows with regards to writing, and that thought is one where we think it would be easier to stop than to persist with the demons that challenge us at every constant turn.

    But we don’t and you know why?
    We don’t because writing, no matter what for, makes us feel good. Writing instils in us a passion that can be matched by nothing else. It gives us fuel in our bellies and a fire in our hearts as we plough on through the barriers to keep on going. Yes there are days were we want to write but we can’t, this is that demon known as Writer’s Block. It’s the curse of writers worldwide and one we’d rather avoid at all costs.

    The trouble is, the more we fret over it, the more we can bring it on ourselves and then were set to fight for every inch of leeway just to get back into that writing frame of mind.
    So what can we do about it?
    What methods can we use to beat the beast back into the shadows from where it raised?

    I don’t know about you, but when I find writing hard I often walk away and leave it for a while, but even that is hard for me to do because it’s always on my mind. And when this happens I find myself sinking deeper into that pitfall. However, there is another option open to us and that is to keep on writing, no matter what it is about. Open a new page and just type, even if it’s I HATE WRITERS BLOCK over and over again. Get the words down and out of your system. Slowly you will find the block easing and other words will flow through the gaps and on to the page before you. Alternatively you can look up creative writing prompts, there are many out there and from here you may just find what you have been looking for.

    But what if the block isn’t actually with writing, but with what it is that you are writing?
    What do you do when you can find no way forward or struggle to see what would make your work better?
    How do you avoid this barrier?

    This is the exact situation I’m having right now with at least two pieces of work. One being the editing of Timber Varden which I know now needs a complete over haul. Yes, I’m losing 90 percent of what was already written, only to replace it with what feels to work better. But who’s to say that the changes made will remain? I certainly can’t see that happening so may end up having to push my planned release date back a while until I can work through this.
    The other is a short story that I’m working on for a contest, and the reason for this is that I don’t know to keep carrying the voice that I started with, or how to keep readers hooked on it. My problem is, I worry too much over it and want it to be just right. I can’t do that. I’m not perfect. I’m not experienced, but by god I’ll give it a good go.

    I’ve discovered the trick is to keep going, to power through the barriers, but that is very hard and I’ve yet to master that skill. It seems currently that my characters writing block from Timber Varden as progressed into reality and invaded my world. It just goes to show that even those who can write about writers block suffer from time to time with it.

    I’m going to throw this open to each of you out there. How many of you have experienced writers block?
    Out of those that have, how have you overcome that to keep writing?
    If you haven’t experienced it, do you have any tips for those of us who suffer with it on occasion in how to prevent it?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter as I’m sure many of you have been in this very same boat as I find myself standing in right now. Although technically, there isn’t a block having written this posting, but there is a block with the creative writing aspect of my life.

    Contact Details.

    Jennifer spent many years without daring to lift a pen, without writing a word that wasn’t forced. But 2008 arrived and with it, her love of writing. She began with poetry which quenched her thirst to begin with but soon that wasn’t enough to satisfy her. 2011 arrived with a dream to write her first novel – Awakening, which is on-going. November saw her attempt her first NaNoWriMo, and so Timber Varden was born, with the bulk of it being written within that month. Now she finds herself aiming to re-write that draft and turn it into her first published novel.


    While she aims to work through the edits needed, updates on her progress can be found on here –http://www.facebook.com/AuthorJenniferDon
    To find out more with regards to her other projects, then check out her blog here – http://thoughtsgowild.blogspot.co.uk/
    And should you wish to follow her on Twitter, or ask her any questions please see here –https://twitter.com/#!/Voice_Of_Spirit
    You can also add and follow Jennifer over on Goodreads. You will find that link here – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6155054.Jennifer_Don

    Jennifer will be more than happy to answer any questions you have for her. You can contact her at any of the links posted above. Or email her at authorjenniferdon@hotmail.co.uk

  • Jennifer spent many years without daring to lift a pen, without writing a word that wasn’t forced. That was however, until the year 2008 arrived. It dawned the starting of a new age. An age where love and passion for writing arrived. She spent that year and the following 2, writing just over 250 poe…

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