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Makin me crazy.

Well my hubby and I are sitting in the living room watching T.V. and the two little dogs come in fighting over something they are chewing up. We look at it and it looks like clay or something. Dad takes it out of ones mouth and its pink and play-dough like then it hits us.  Its something homemade. I go in the bedroom and the cat had knocked off my mirror off my dresser and there it lay all over the rug, earrings, keep sakes and such.  Well I discovered they ate a little jewelry bowl that was made for me about 20 years ago. My heart just dropped and I wanted to scold them but who’s fault was it really?  

I looked at the cat and she stretched in her little queen bed and closes her eyes. I have taken pictures of everything my girls have done for art projects and put them in albums for them because it is starting to fall apart, but what I did not do was take pictures of what they made for me on Mothers Day for it has sat on my dresser all these years. I want to blame someone and cannot, for I cannot take it to heaven with me, so I must realized the enjoyment I have had all these years and be humble that they shared with there hands in making such wonderful things. So I took pictures of the rest of them and that’s that, I suppose. But to be mad at the little dogs would be useless for they have no idea what they did, but for the cat, she knew exactly what she was doing and I am still pondering what to do with her. So the next day she did something else, she knocked an antique vase on the floor and broke it and I loved this dearly also. So now her bed is in a chair, and if she does anything else it will be outside.  I cant believe she wanted the dresser all to herself, I went in to the bedroom and there she was sitting on the dresser looking at me and looking at her bed in the chair and I said, “That will not work with me, maybe your dad but not with me.” She jumped down and hissed at me as she left the room.  I am not sure who is winning at this battle, surely it can’t be her? 


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