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Shirley Temple and Me

I have always wanted a Shirley Temple doll ever since I was young enough to tap dance with her on T.V.  Every Sunday I would get my shoes and meet upstairs in front of the T.V. to watch. In those days of coarse it was hit and miss. She was always cancelled for one thing or another. It was so depressing to say the least. Now in my fifties I was able to get a doll. It was amazing and good price and so happy. When I arrived to the spot to meet the person with the doll she was so withdrawn. She handed me the doll and took one last look and I felt so sad buying it. I felt as if she was mad or something…. Not sure why until I got home and show’d everyone on facebook my new doll. She wrote to me then.  She said she had that doll since she was 8 and treasured it, but now had to sell her to move away because of bad circumstances. I felt so terrible inside, I have had a doll since I was 8 and she is a giggles doll. I could never sell her, or hope I would never have too. I am so glad to have her and so sad for the mom who lost her. I have always been torn with this, but someday maybe they will see each other again. I know this is dumb and ridiculous about a doll. But I believe people come into your life for a reason and in the end it will all come together in heaven. I wish I could of said something profound then, but want to say thank you for the prize and beloved Shirley Temple doll because she will be cherished forever.  xoxoxoxo


I was old…

I was brought back from the 40’s to redo my life. Not sure why, I am so into swingers and swing music and ideal with black and white movies.  Maybe god put me back here to bring back some touch of innocence. Write children’s book for kids only and for them to cherish. Maybe to give answers for unspoken questions, that would be considered obvious but not to some. The some… is who I write for, the some who don’t always figure out the obvious, the some who love so much, but there love is turned away and laughed at. Kids are trying to be so tough, up to date with the adults its confusing to them, for they have not the experience to understand what an adult is trying to accomplish. Most adults are still trying to find themselves and if they can’t why should the kids follow that path at all. Lets bring back kids words, kids movies, kids reality, kids problems, that are not the adult problems, kids problems.  Does not have to be in god’s way either, of course he is in all hearts, but if he is just a shadow for some, still stay with the basics. Love, hug, truth,not steal,not belittle for fun,(never fun) I want kids to be read a book that will work for them, doesn’t have to be complex, does not have to give a million teaching, one or two is good.  For some a little is a lot and for some too much is over whelming. Kids are so good at doing what we do. We say, “Stop or I will give you something to stop about.” or “If you do that I am going to do something you will hate.” I had such a good imagination, it was more than usually happened.  Just thinking again, just thoughts would love to hear yours also. I am not sure we all come back at all, but sometimes I feel as if I have been before, maybe thats why I am a writer, imaginative. Have a great day and always give a hand to kids, sad, glad, mad, angry. We all need to become one again and feel for each other and give each other support and stop being the only. The one. Just me. you know what I mean, I hope have a great weekend. No one really reads me anymore so I guess I am writing this for me too. Always good to remind myself, I am not the only one on earth, there is a lot to love and give too. ❤

growing pains

While I was writing a new story today, I realized that we are all apart of that wonderful spectrum that makes all of us individuals.

We see life differently, carry conversations uniquely, read faces; some better than others. The fact is we are all different and I believe sometimes as adults we have lost that innocent way of looking of things. Maybe it is routine, maybe goggles are on, or even been taught not to ask and not to tell.

I feel if a child can not ask a lot of questions they become self thinking, in my eyes that mean they figure it out for themselves and call it good.  When you want to explain and show them different some get onry.

I also know kids reflect almost everything you do. If you do not want them to yell at you then for heaven’s sakes don’t yell at them. At the store  this happened.

“Listen to me. Stop touching that, its expensive.”    then the child when mother grabbed her arm, said, “Stop touching me, let me go.”

Now it went on further than that but I was just walking by.  I had to chuckle because she had so much personality. Also she was listening to her mother. Even tho  her mother thought she was not, I thought she was.  She found herself as important as the perfume.  Thought she was expensive too.  I wanted so bad to go back and explain this to her but at that moment I think she might not of laughed or maybe she would of, and it would break the moment of frustration. I will never know.  I love life and children’s and parents too.  It is a learning game not only for kids but for us too. Parents do not come with manuals, notes, check off lists, inside vision.

I just wanna say when the child is crying, make sure what you are doing is not so important that the cry of a child is dismissed.  Unconsciously, it happens.

Onetime my daughter was crying and I was so late to get where I was going and trying to get her in the seat and clicking and snapping and not knowing why, and she was crying and hitting and finally I stopped to breath and looked at her face and her little lip was quivering.  I stepped back and realized I was pinching her with the snappy thing. I left no marks thank god but still, I felt so crappy. So I told her I was sorry I was in a hurry and maybe its time we all stop and think for a moment, give mommie a moment to breath and when I said that, she took a big breath and tears came to my eyes.

Remember, parents are not perfect in anyway, we do the best we can, just remember children cannot go as long as we can, we think they do but they don’t. See ahead as far as we can, or experience it for the millionth time, they are bran spanking new yah know.  Until they are teenagers that will be a whole nother blog…..<3

Makin me crazy.

Well my hubby and I are sitting in the living room watching T.V. and the two little dogs come in fighting over something they are chewing up. We look at it and it looks like clay or something. Dad takes it out of ones mouth and its pink and play-dough like then it hits us.  Its something homemade. I go in the bedroom and the cat had knocked off my mirror off my dresser and there it lay all over the rug, earrings, keep sakes and such.  Well I discovered they ate a little jewelry bowl that was made for me about 20 years ago. My heart just dropped and I wanted to scold them but who’s fault was it really?  

I looked at the cat and she stretched in her little queen bed and closes her eyes. I have taken pictures of everything my girls have done for art projects and put them in albums for them because it is starting to fall apart, but what I did not do was take pictures of what they made for me on Mothers Day for it has sat on my dresser all these years. I want to blame someone and cannot, for I cannot take it to heaven with me, so I must realized the enjoyment I have had all these years and be humble that they shared with there hands in making such wonderful things. So I took pictures of the rest of them and that’s that, I suppose. But to be mad at the little dogs would be useless for they have no idea what they did, but for the cat, she knew exactly what she was doing and I am still pondering what to do with her. So the next day she did something else, she knocked an antique vase on the floor and broke it and I loved this dearly also. So now her bed is in a chair, and if she does anything else it will be outside.  I cant believe she wanted the dresser all to herself, I went in to the bedroom and there she was sitting on the dresser looking at me and looking at her bed in the chair and I said, “That will not work with me, maybe your dad but not with me.” She jumped down and hissed at me as she left the room.  I am not sure who is winning at this battle, surely it can’t be her? 

Finding the Positive

Finding the Positive.

Today I was on the link with my special friend. A boy got on and said, my friend was weird, stupid.  Well his mom was absouletely beside herself. She was going to scold till I popped in and said, “Do you know what Autism is?” He said, “NO.” So I said, he cannot speak like us but he knows exactly what you are saying and can say hi if you say hi.  Well I asked him to say hi and he did. My friend spun around and signed hi back. He was just baffled at the whole experience. His mom wanted to apologize, I just smiled at her  and winked and said all is good.  My friend then gave the link driver a big high five and the boy understood that. Then I said after a spell, here we go, wait for it. Wait for it, listen, wait and chunk chunk, we just changed tracks.  The three boys, joined in and were so interested then I found the moment and said, coming up on the right pretty soon will be a , and I looked at my friend and said, what is going to be there?  He signed, what he signs ice skating. I said, Thats right, you are so smart. The boys looked at him and looked out the window and described how the big tent will soon be up and ice inside and kids will be skating.  I think we really worked our magic tonight. For the boy said good bye to my friend, he signed the same.  And as we drove off, the boy ran along the link and waved as my friend waved back. I think, really in my heart, that this was magical. It could of been bad, was posative and where the positive came in, was magic. I hope he will remember this, for I will. Not so much what is said, but how it is said in return. What a special night, I am amazed how much I learn, about myself, my friend and the community.  Thank you,  if you read all of this and hope it is not written to badly.  ❤  We are all gods children, what may be different for some, is only in the eyes of the beholder and if I changed one view at a time, it heart warming…

Help when can!

I was headed toward Fred Meyer and looked in between the cars and saw a dollars fall to the ground and a gentleman walking off. I ran over there and picked it up called to him and said, “Here, you dropped a dollar.” He turned slowly and looked at me and said, “Oh I figured it was one dollar down.” I looked at him and handed it to him and he gently walked away. I ran around the store getting my stuff and periodically I would run into him. Then in my car heading home  it hit me, he could not pick it up! OH, dah! Heavens sake I just answered my life long question why I find money on the ground but usually pennies, or sometimes quarters. But larger bills makes me hope I am around so I can help them not loose there food money, or medication money.

Its amazing our society is going so fast now we are not able to put simple together, until we end up there then the epiphany is much to late.  I respect the elders because they are going through the hardest part of there lives. Some say dying process, I think I would say, the best of the days. Getting older has been a blessing for me. If only the body would slow down for more enjoyment. So if you see an older person in a situation and all they need is a little hand, use of your back and legs, or even a smile. Create a happy surrounding, it will give pleasure where ever you go. I heart you!!!